Safe Sitter In-Person Classes

Safe Sitter In-Person Classes

September to November 2021
Registration is Required! Please contact your local center (click here for locations)
There is no charge to attend this class (Value of $100)

This Safe Sitter® class for ages 11-14 will cover:

  • Safety Skills: Indoor, outdoor, online, and personal safety.
  • Child Care Skills: Child development, childcare routines, and behavior management.
  • Life & Business Skills: Marketing, interview skills, and determining your hourly rate.

Non-certifying CPR, First Aid & Rescue Skills:

  • AHA CPR Anytime Kits will be provided- kits include infant and child/adultmanikins, face shield and a DVD that covers all aspects of CPR and Choking rescue. These kits are yours to keep and bring home to educate your entire family!


Sep 11 2021 - Nov 23 2021


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Community Event

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